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Professor Ilaria Tagliaferro has been studying American and British English Language and Literature since 1992 when she started her career, travelling for study and work.

She completed her degree in Foreign Languages in 2001 and her Executive Master in Business Administration in 2008 (Lancaster University). She has been teaching English Linguistics, Art Management, Business & Marketing, Fashion and Design Management.

She helps students and professional in reachingvtheir educational goals with a unique and fastvmethodology of teaching and advanced process ofvlearning.

Interpreter and translator

Interpretation is spoken, translation is written.

Professor Ilaria Tagliaferro uses particular linguistic resources where the original speaker's ideas are transmitted as spoken words, with a particular rhythm and intonation, making use of rhetorical devices and gestures.

Interpreting and Translation are her key tools for trading and supporting export business management worldwide.

Sales and marketing consultancy

Professor Ilaria Tagliaferro assists companies and entrepreneurs in business dealing, sales and marketing since 2000.

She has two decades expertise in many different sectors and industries: Fashion, Accessories, Outdoor Design, Marbles, Beauty and Cosmetics, but also mechanic and moulds manufacturing.

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